David Hunt was fishing at the weekend his nephew Alfie and son Leon. Lough Sillan has been fishing really well for for David lately, even on short sessions. Arriving late at the lake there were few other anglers about, but they found their usual spot was taken by another angler. Feeling a bit disappointed David brought the boys to another bit of shore not expecting to catch anything at all that afternoon…

As they were out for only a couple of hours they were travelling light, just a couple of lures and unhooking tools. The weather was windy and the water choppy, so after a bit they changed from a jerkbait to a weighted shad.

Alfie, Leon and David with thier pike which was safely released after a quick photo

The change turned what could have been a dull day into one of great excitement.  The Westin bull teez matched to a 10g jig head proved too tempting for the pike and they were soon playing a fine fish. The successfully landed the pike, got a quick photo and safely released it. Not long after they were into an even bigger fish, but this one played harder and threw the hook. The left the lake not one bit disappointed and delighted to have hooked two good pike.