It’s not normally the way that the bad weather turns out to be a bonus, but that’s how it turned out for Bryan Curtin this week. Kit Dunne of Wicklow Boat Charters had planned a trip out to the wrecks on Monday but had to abort it as the weather turned fouler than expected. He headed back into calmer waters where they proceeded to catch some wrasse, pollack and black bream, but the day was saved when Bryan landed himself a specimen sized hound, making a silk purse out of a sows ear.

Bryan with his 109cm hound

Kit also has a couple of Dutch journalists out with him this week and they have been enjoying some of the best of what Wicklow has to offer with some nice wrasse, huss, hounds and tope. They plan to hit the wrecks now that the weather has settled so lets hope to hear of some lunker pollack next week…

Bram Bokkers with a Wicklow Bay tope