Bass anglers play a critical role in the conservation and stewardship of bass as this species is the only marine fish species that is effectively managed for angling.

Angler-supplied data on bass is a key part of our toolkit for understanding the dynamics of the bass population. If you target bass and would like to contribute to the bass programme by measuring and scaling any bass your bass please send an email to the National Bass Programme at [email protected]. We will send you out a bass sampling kit.

Also, a reminder to anyone who has been collecting samples or data on behalf of the National Bass Programme please post your samples to: National Bass Programme, Inland Fisheries Ireland, 3044 Lake Drive, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24, Ireland. D24 Y265.

The National Bass Programme also runs a bass tagging programme. Below is an image of a bass recaptured in December last year after 2 months at liberty, it was found on the Kerry coast 158km away from its tagging location in Galway.

Bass tagged as part of IFI’s National Bass Programme in Galway in Sept 2021 and recaptured on Kerry coast Dec 21 158 km away

For more information about the National Bass Programme see