Lure fishing guide Vincent Corrigan has been back out on the coast lately, meeting some nice fish as they start to hunt again. He sent in a great report of a recent session.

I await those evenings after the clock leaps forward and the sun begins to linger till 8, 9, 10pm.

There is no rush, no panic to get out and drive for ages to find deeper water because those spots I’ve spent years dropping pins on my google maps are only 15-30 minutes away.

Finish dinner, throw the waders, lure bag and rod in the car and go.

It’s 7:30 and the sun is still out… but setting fast.

This evening’s mark is snaggy… very very snaggy so I start with a shallow diving bass lure because either I’m going to get smashed by a feisty pollock or catch that elusive Galway bass. I can stay above the rocks and kelp. But nothing.

I keep moving.. you need to keep moving.

Next rock, 50 meters to the right… I find an old tattered Fiish Black Minnow in my lure bag.. this one has seen a lot of fish… bass, wrasse, pollock… it’s the last of many I once owned. Wrasse seem to destroy them.

It’s 7:55pm –  I cast out and bounce it slowly across the bottom.. it doesn’t snag. Second cast and I feel the first bump.. I stop.. and then the thud.. pollock on.

Quick photo and release. 


It’s 8:05pm –  I change direction now and two casts later a different hit… if you fish for Wrasse you know this one… the rattle… and you know to hold on before they wrap you around a rock or kelp bed.

My first Wrasse of 2022… a quick photo and release


It’s 8:20pm – The wind is picking up now and so are the waves… though having the wind at my back gives me that extra bit of casting distance.

I put on an EvoBass Lures Sabre 130 in Mangach Color … rigged with my own weighted twistlock in 10g 5/0.

First cast I and let it sink and sit… then slow as possible.. feeling every rock and boulder as it rolls over them.

Then smash…. The strongest take I’ve felt this year, pulling drag.. fighting hard as these 3-4lb fish do.

What a beauty, a quick photo and release..

Nice pollack

I throw on a hard plastic bass lure and fish for another 20 minutes into dark.

No More hits.. no elusive bass.. but big smiles and a fun Quick session.. so close to home


Go Fishing – Wild Atlantic Lure Fishing

Vincent will be offering one on one guided rock fishing from summer, mainly for wrasse and pollack, and all within 1 hour of Galway city. I have fished with him myself, and can vouch for his knowledge of tackle, tactics and species.

Contact [email protected] for more info.


Vincent also has an online shop with a range of hooks, jigheads, shads for lure angling. Check it out at