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Excellent flattie fishing on Donegal beaches

Members of Killybegs Mariners SAC enjoyed lovely flattie action on the local beaches during the week.
Please see their reports below…
A very enjoyable evening out with that amazing winter light as the low sun fires up the sky at sundown and gives a flurry of colour above and to have an empty beach all to yourself sitting back catching some nice fish is a bonus.
Lovely winter colours
Double turbot
Making the most of the settled mild weather there were plenty of small turbot in the low 20s and a few better size fish over the 30s giving those big bites as they hunt the shallows on the move in ambush mode. Flounders also in the mix before the 3 at a time coleys as the cover of darkness hit with quite a few well over the 20cm minimum. All released back to the cove.
Fine turbot in the dark
A great fishing of flounders and turbot on the beach for Mariners secretary Noel Kennedy out enjoying the good weather with the best of the fish hitting 36cm.
Noel with one of many flounder
Decent flounder
Also a rather sad yet interesting find is the large number of little Auks washing up on Donegal beaches. These are offshore birds that live well out in the Atlantic and can “fly” underwater as well as above. Luckily Cormac rescued one that was struggling and got it back to sea.
Little Auk rescued by Cormac

All images courtesy of Killybegs Mariners SAC.

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