South Shore SAC continued their winter league on Wicklow North beach last weekend, and anglers were thankful for the shelter provided by Wicklow Head as a southerly blow wracked the coastline. Sea conditions were good, with a nice bit of colour in the water, but the going was slow in the initial stages, as small whiting and ray proliferated on scorecards.

Small rays were a feature on the day

But as the evening wore on, dogfish began to move into range, and anglers started picking them up. Any angler that was able to capitalise on the influx of dogs was likely to be in with a shout, and Alby Allan seized his chance as his final few casts brought in a number of doggies and a decent whiting which saw him streak past his competitors to top the table. This was Alby’s second win in a row as he finished top of the field in last week’s Leinster League held in Wexford.

Full results as follows: