Dan O’Neill, fishery manager at Mount Juliet, reports on the Nore:

Water levels are now just right for trout fishing along the fishery. I was lucky enough to be guiding over the weekend which allowed me to not only enjoy the weather but witness the wonderful fly hatches. Clouds of flies swarmed above the river with the odd mayfly rising above the hustle and bustle of the crowded river surface. Dry fly was of interest to my guests this weekend and we had a great time with some wonderful trout. Small patterns worked best throughout the day down to a size 22. I did try dry dropper for a while using a size 22 dark PTN under an Olive pattern dry. Trout took both and the nymph was mostly taken on the drop. Fishing on the flat slow water was very exciting just above Georges Wall.

Trying some wet fly later on in the day produced some great takes also. Spider patterns worked well with winged wets taking a few fish later in the evening. A very productive weekend and looking forward to many more.

Fishing classes

Holding introduction to fly fishing classes May and June, 2 people can participate in each class, classes will cover, water safety when fly fishing, handling and releasing fish, wading, wading aids, equipment needed for chosen method, casting , water craft , fly selection.

Dan O’Neill
Mount Juliet

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Mount Juliet has trout and salmon fishing available on site over 2.5 miles of the river Nore. Classes also available for every skill level – learn or improve on your chosen technique. coarse fish ponds also available on the hotel grounds.

Dan O’Neill, Fishery Manager, Mount Juliet Estate, Thomastown, Co Kilkenny, Ireland

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General Information

The river Nore is a beautiful river that meanders it way through counties Laois and Kilkenny before joining with its sister river the Barrow just upstream of New Ross on its way to the sea. The Nore gets a good run of Atlantic salmon and the river which is currently open for angling on a catch and release basis produced 563 salmon in 2015 and 599 salmon in 2016. Salmon fishing is available on a number of stretches including the Mount Juliet Fishery which is located just outside Thomastown, Co Kilkenny, approximately mid-way between Kilkenny City and New Ross.

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