Jimmy Frazer, Lough Arrow Fish Preservation Association & District Angling Club, reports that the Lough Arrow annual Mayfly Competition was held on Sunday 15 May. Over 70 anglers entered. Good hatches of mayfly were seen with some spent going out. Competition was fished on the basis of heaviest fish over 14 inches.

  • 1st Ken Murray 4.362lb
  • 2nd Philip Brown 3.616lb
  • 3rd Mark Deavin 2.896lb
  • 4th Sarah Maxwell 2.524lb
  • 5th Oliver Hargadon 2.340lb
  • 6th Water Frazer 2.212lb
  • 7th Kenneth Conway 2.088lb
  • 8th Francis McSharry 1.946lb
  • 9th Hilary Mitchell 1.874lb
  • 10th Noel Lindsay 1.818.lb

Best juvenile angler was Abbie McTiernan.

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