Mick ‘The Fish’ Flanagan of Midlands Angling had a strange day fishing on Lough Ree this week. The going was really slow, with no takes at all, until one savage take nearly pulled the rod from its holder. One take brought one fish, with no more action for the day, but that’ll do when the fish is a 74cm trout weighing in a 9lbs 7oz – a savage looking fish from a savage take and a fish of a lifetime. This trout wins Mick Catch of the Week.

Mick and his savage trout

Mick had just returned the fish to the water when he had to head for the shore to escape the downpour that followed – the clouds rolled in, the wind whipped up and the heavens opened up on him.

Run for cover

Michael Flanagan
Midland Angling

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