After good bass sessions last week, it finally came time for a serious shore fishing.  And the man behind it is again Jonathan Paul Philips.

He and his friend Tom decided to try catch an early shore tope. All previous big game sessions this year ended up with a painful dogfish haul. This time was different.  It was the first cast, and not a long wait when Jonathan’s rod bent over, and the reel started to scream. There was a fierce fight and the first reported Wexford shore tope of the year became a reality. Jonathon carefully measured and tagged the beautiful fish of 160cm which swam off strongly.

Shortly after the lads had another hookup but the bait was dropped. Just after the dark Tom was landing second fish of the session – his first ever shore tope. This fish was also tagged and safely released to fight another day. What a session lads.  Congratulations.

Go fishing…

If anyone fancy a session with Jonathan for bass, smoothounds and later in the season for tope, can drop him a line at [email protected] or on WhatsApp at 0894791052.

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