The Lure Fishing Podcast is back after a little break and host Cormac Walsh has some fantastic guests lined up for the next run of episodes. First up is Pat Gahan – a vastly experienced boat angler based out of Kilmore Quay in Wexford.

Pat has been lure fishing for bass from the boat for many years now and in this podcast he shares a lot of the vast knowledge and experience he has built up during that time.

Pat is a great guy full of information and his way of communicating makes him really interesting to listen to

He also has massive experience fishing in Norway where he has made at least ten trips targeting huge Cod, Coalies, Pollack and much more on the lures. This is worthy of a podcast itself which will be coming very soon too.

So click on The Lure Fishing Podcast link or search for The Lure Fishing Podcast wherever you get your podcasts from.

The Lure Fishing Podcast with Cormac Walsh
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