David Norman of Angling Adventures West Cork sent us in this report:

The unsettled weather has been wreaking havoc with our schedule this Summer so it was bliss to finally get some action, albeit in less than ideal conditions. It’s rarely easy out there these days, especially in unsettled conditions, short windows of opportunity come that often don’t follow the expected norms making it all the more satisfying when a bigger fish comes along. Not sure what size this one was as I didn’t measure it, but I estimate it to be at around 70cm.


Angling Adventures West Cork

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David has been lure then fly fishing since the mid noughties with some of the best guides and anglers in Ireland and abroad.

Kayak fishing by lure & fly now takes him and his guiding guests beyond the shore to target Pollock, Bass or Wrasse with the chance of other species such as Codling, Coalfish, Mackerel or Garfish.

Shore fishing at night is also a very special experience.

Coaching and Workshops available.

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