Predator guide Tomi Kurman, an expert on fishing for ferox trout, gives us his rundown on the 2023 ferox season on Corrib.

2023 Trout Season in Ireland is now closed.
Time for a little summary….
Unfortunately this year I didn’t made my goal of landing 100 Ferox over 65cm in a season.
I would easily do it, but almost whole September was out of the cards. Few days at the start of the month resulted in some nice fish landed, then I took 2 weeks break from guiding to practice and take a part in the biggest tournament of the year. On top of that last week of the Season was a complete write off, with not even one day suitable to target those beautiful beasts….
Two years ago I ended up Season with 122 Ferox, last year 102, and this year “only” 94 .
I know 94 is still outstanding number, but if you set up your goal yourself it’s nice to actually achieve that… none the least I have no reasons to complain… some of my regular guests caught beautiful trout and some new faces smashed their records with me.
Highlight of the Season is definitely a day with 8(!) Ferox landed and three of them caught and landed at the same time!
Triplet of 78,78and 79cm were my first ever (only known to me too!!!) triple hook up. It’s a lottery win on its own, but 3 fish at this size is something else!
The biggest fish of the Season was caught by Guest from Germany- a true beast of 89.5cm (I know- not a Holly Grail of 90cm and just over 20lb in weight.
This trout season again didn’t see us much at brown trout fishing, but when we did it was outstanding with many beautiful trout caught casting and by light trolling from the hand…
Off to statistics now:
In total we have landed 94 Ferox over 65cm.
We have spend 49 days targeting Ferox, of which 8 days ended up with no fish caught (or fish smaller then 65cm were caught) which is a BLANK in my books. That gives avarage of 2.3 Ferox per day when we caught Ferox or 1.9 Ferox per day including blanks.
Off to next year now, and I can’t wait already. It will be fantastic I can promise you that!
Now enjoy a collection of some notable catches of this Season and if you want to be included in Next Seson COUNT just send me a message. Bookings for next season are open for all Season, but arround half Spring dates are gone already so be quick! Please note that ALL bookings for NEXT Season are subject to deposit payment and please inquire about new pricing and service terms. My service might be not too cheap, but as some say it’s well underpriced considering whats on offer!!! So get the calendar and think about Next Season! Also please inquire about my “catch guarantee” policy- I like a bit of a gamble too
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