Ger Power was back in County Cavan at the weekend. It might be a blue sky in the photo but it was fairly cold with snow melt flooding the river and a hard frost. The pike weren’t feeding, but then they may have had other things on their mind as spawning season gets closer.

So pike were out, but there were still some perch to have a go for. Fishing a jig-head shad-tail Ger concentrated on perch for the day and had a good few, but was frustrated by missing 3 good bites. Then the rod double over again and at first he thought it must be a jack pike. When he saw the tell tail colours in the water his frustration switched to excitement as he realised he had a better than average perch on the line. Playing it to the bank he carefully netted the perch and it turned out to be his PB – a fine perch weighed at 3lb.