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The latest episode of Ireland on the Fly focuses on the crisis affecting the Atlantic salmon


This week’s Ireland on the Fly features an episode from a series I’ve been doing with Jim Murray of Activist Anglers called The Last Salmon which is focused on the crisis affecting the Atlantic salmon.

This week’s episode is with Ken Whelan discussing ranching – and the work done at Burrishoole – as an option to be considered for anglers.

Burrishoole Fishery

The Last Salmon:
‘We don’t have time, we need to intervene now.’  Ken Whelan addresses ranching as a possible angler solution

Internationally renowned fishery scientist, Ken Whelan, issues a call to action on The Last Salmon podcast.

Ken says that ranching can and will work to help improve salmon numbers in relation to supporting a rod fishery for anglers and he explains to us the background to its successful development and implementation – albeit with caveats and cautions.

Likening it to racehorse breeding, he points to the Burrishoole ranching programme and the work of Dr. David Piggins and says this is the model that can be followed for supporting a rod fishery in lieu of wild stock.

Whilst wild fish conservation measures must continue to be carried out, drastic and innovative action is needed, says Ken, if we are not to see entire salmon stocks disappear.

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The Last Salmon is a new podcast hosted by renowned actor, Jim Murray, and award-winning producer, Daire Whelan, which offers hope and solutions to the tragic story that is unfolding for an iconic species in crisis – the wild Atlantic salmon.  Listen and follow on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts, and for regular updates, follow the show at Instagram.com/TheLastSalmon.