Tralee Bay Sea Angling Club  reports on their hugely successful Tag a Ray competition…

The idea behind this event is to help monitor the Ray in the Tralee Bay Area. To see what can and needs to be done to keep these amazing creatures safe and healthy. Every year we invite Anglers from all over the country and beyond to come participate, enjoy a few days fishing and meet old and new Friends.

on the beach

The Marine institute send a team of scientists and along with Award winning underwater filmmaker and Ocean Conservationist Ken O Sullivan and Marine Scientist Louise Ovary the magic happens when our Anglers catch the Ray.

What an Incredible Achievement by all our Anglers who took part in the 2024 Tag-A-Ray.
It was heartwarming to see so many Anglers helping to monitor the Ray in our wonderful Tralee Bay while enjoying the Event.

Total Ray caught and safely returned back to the water were ….

  • 46 Undulate Ray
  • 49 Thornback Ray
  • 4 Painted Ray
  • 0 Stingray

As most of you know our Undulate Ray is in danger and its protection is vital. The Marine institute managed to tag enough Undulate Ray to monitor their activity and see what safety measures are needed to keep them for dying out.

tagging a ray

Now to the Competition side of this great Event…

After 2 days of dedication by our Anglers we has a serious mixed bag of Results . The boats doing extremely well on day 1 . While some struggled on the shore and others landed numerous fish.

Day 2 saw a change in the weather and a change in the fishing . Day 1 winners blanking on Day 2 meant it was still very open, giving those who did not do well on day 1 renewed hope.

When 4pm hit everyone headed back to our Headquarters Meadowlands Hotel, Tralee hopeful of victory . With everyone well fed and the Marine institute presentation of last years tagging done it was time to see who our winners were.
A packed room saw everyone waiting patiently for the results .


1st…….Troy Francis
2nd…..Kevin Hayden
3rd ….Mike Fox


1st ….Kieran Crane
2nd ….Samuel Megavghan
3rd ….Jody Foley


1st……David O Sullivan
2nd….James Raymond
3rd……Alan Horgan


1st…..Jody Foley
2nd…..Evan McGovern
3rd……Tom McAdam


1st. Troy Francis
2nd Kevin Hayden
3rd Mike Fox
4th Shane McMahon


1st Jody Foley
2nd. Kiera Crane
3rd Tom McAdam
4th Samuel Megavghan

Biggest Ray Shore

Ian O Grady 82 Undulate

Biggest Ray Boat

Tom McAdam 82 Undulate

Mystery Pairs Shore

Figgs Cronin & Kevin Hayden

Junior Section…

Altogether we had 11 Juniors Fish the 2 days . A fantastic number . We are always glad to see our future Anglers showing up in numbers .
4 of them catching ray which is always exciting . The 2 boat juniors beat most of the Adults and are still boasting no doubt !! The allowance of Dogfish saw most of our Juniors catch fish and head home happy after a long 2 days fishing. Our Junior Prizes were Kindly sponsored by Martin and Tonya of the The Angling Hub – Ireland

Shore Winners

1st Bobby Fitzpatrick
2nd Sophie McGowan
3rd Amy Olden

Boat Winners

1st Cedric Reponen
2nd Jack Walsh

Biggest Ray Juniors

Jack Walsh 82 Undulate

Finally a special mention to the hard working team that put this event together:

Alison O Sullivan
Fiona Ryan
Martin McGowan
David O Sullivan
Eugene Farrelly
Barry Connelly

Thank you for your hard work and dedication and well done to all on a excellent event.

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