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    Coarse fishing on the River Blackwater

    Munster blackwater at Fermoy
    Fermoy, looking downstream to the bridge


    Fermoy straddles the River Blackwater in north-east Co. Cork and is on the Portlaoise-Cork road (N8). It is a busy town in the scenic Blackwater Valley. This is a good angling river. Roach and Dace are at their best in the colder months of the year, though they will also feed during the summer when they provide good sport. Coarse fishing in this area is in the River Blackwater only.

    Above the town (Barnane), the river is deep and holds adequate stocks of good-quality Roach and Dace. There is access here for disabled anglers.

    The fast, shallow water downstream of the bridge fishes well for Roach and Dace from April to June. Opposite the hospital, there is deep water holding large stocks of slightly smaller fish. Further downriver in the Championship Stretch, large Perch are sometimes caught in addition to Roach and Dace.

    All these waters are accessible and banks are well kept


    Mallow, in north Co. Cork, is on the River Blackwater up-river from Fermoy on the N72. The fast-moving river has mixed fishing and its waters are controlled by local clubs with some private stretches. Roach and Dace feed here throughout the year, but catches are best during the colder months. Fishing here is in the River Blackwater only.

    The river in this area has both fast and slow-making stretches and is liable to flood after heavy rain. In the town at the Creamery Stretch, the park and below the bridge, Roach and Dace provide good sport. Farther downriver at the coursing field, there arealso good Roach and Dace.

    Special Note: The River Blackwater is a mixed fishery and anglers must acquaint themselves with local regulations and seek permission to fish some stretches


    Cappoquin is a small town on the N72, 20 miles east of Fermoy on the River Blackwater at the top of the tidal waters. The freshwater here is backed up by the tide and fishing is best when the water is either rising or falling. Roach and Dace fishing is good throughout the year, but they are at their best in the autumn and spring, a

    The river is tidal here and this movement of water affects the fishing. Shoals of good Roach and Dace are located in many sections of the river where access is good.

    Special Note: The River Blackwater is a mixed fishery, holding Salmon and Trout. Fishing for coarse fish is controlled by the Cappoquin Coarse Angling Club by arrangement with Lismore Estates. Coarse anglers must note that fishing is restricted to the area between the Trageen (Glenribbon Bridge) to the lay-by on the Youghal Road along both banks.