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    Pike fishing around Carrickmacross and Kingscourt


    Carrickmacross town is surrounded by a host of lakes, which produce excellent catches annually. Venues to the east of the town include Monalty Lake, Lough na Glack, Lisanisk, Capragh, Corcrin and Lisnashannagh. Lough Fea is located to the west with Descart, Clonturk, Reilly’s, Rahans and Derry Lough lying to the south of the town.

    Monalty Lake is accessed from the R178 Dundalk to Carrickmacross road and  covers an area of 16 hectares with depths to 6m. This lake holds good stocks of small to medium sized pike with occasional larger fish in excess of 20lbs. Pike feed well on this lakes stocks of roach, bream, hybrids and eels. The lake is reed fringed and best access is located on the eastern shoreline. Boats can be launched with difficulty. It is possible to spin, dead bait and sink and draw from the bank but the best fishing is obtained from a boat. Trolling of artificial lures and row trolling dead baits produces best results. Fly fishing also produces excellent results. Roadside car parking is available.

    Lough na Glack is accessed from the R178 Dundalk to Carrickmacross Road and covers approximately 12 hectares. It is quite a shallow lake but depths to 7m are located in the north eastern quadrant of the lake. Depths elsewhere in the lake range from 3m to 5m. This is an excellent pike fishery but has a luxuriant weed growth. Stands are located on the northern shoreline adjacent to the Carrickmacross to Dundalk road. Boats can be launched at the bottom of the access lane way which is best accessed from the Dundalk direction. Cars can also be parked in this area.

    Lisanisk is located in the town of Carrickmacross and is a small 5 hectare lake with a maximum depth of 2.5m. This lake is best know for its carp and coarse fish but it does contain some pike. Lisanisk has a very weedy bottom and is best fished by float or popped up dead bait. A number of stands and car park are provided on the western shoreline.

    Corcrin Lake covers 3 hectares approximately and has depths to 6m. This lake contains stocks of small to medium sized pike. Parking is difficult on the narrow road at the norther shore of the lake. A number of fishing stands have been provided on the northern shoreline.

    Capragh Lake is located on the R179 Carrickmacross to Crossmaglen road. It covers an area of approximately 12 hectares and has depths ranging from 3m to 12m. It contains excellent stocks of small to medium sized pike with occasional bigger pike also being taken. Pike anglers will also find it possible to launch a boat at this venue. There is good access all around the lake and fishing stands have been provided to facilitate shore angling. This lake produces pike to 20lbs. All methods will produce results at this scenic venue.

    Lough Fea is a 36 hectare private fishery. Day permits can be purchased at the lodge house for a nominal fee. This lake contains good stocks of pike. Boats are not permitted on this water. Permission can be sought locally but access can not always be secured.