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    Salmon and sea trout fishing on the Castletown River

    There is Some Nice Sea Trout Fishing on the Castletown River

    Closed for 2022

    • Salmon and sea trout 1st March to October 12th.
    • It is prohibited to use any fish hooks, other than single or double barbless hooks
    • It is prohibited to use worms as bait in angling for all species of fish

    The Castletown River rises close to Newtownhamilton Co. Armagh and is known as the Creggan River in its upper reaches. Its two main tributaries are the Kilcurry and Falmore rivers, both of which contain stocks of wild brown trout.

    The Castletown River gets a run of salmon and sea trout and fishing is controlled by the Dundalk Brown Trout Angling Association. The best of the salmon and sea trout fishing is to be found downstream of Toberona bridge just out side Dundalk and there are a number of lovely pools located in this area. The best period for fishing is from July to September.

    Riparian owners and a number of Angling Associations, some of which have day permits available, control fishing. Fishing is subject to the rules and regulations of the club and the salmon and sea trout angling regulations. To fish for salmon and sea trout an angler must have a permit for the waters to be fished and a State licence. Details on the salmon and sea trout régulations can be found at the following link Salmon Angling Regulations

    The club has a very long history in the development of youth angling and welcomes all those wishing to engage in the sport of angling.

    Securing the future of angling through its youth development

    Co. Louth and Co. Armagh. The main towns and villages are Dundalk.

    Fish species

    Sea trout and salmon fishing is best on its lower reaches below Toberona Bridge.

    Fishing methods
    • It is prohibited to use any fish hooks, other than single or double barbless hooks
    • It is prohibited to use worms as bait in angling for all species of fish
    Best Flies

    Sea Trout: Teal, Blue and Silver, Black Pennell, Butcher, Alexander, Peter Ross and Conemara Black.
    Salmon: Green Highlander, Colley Dog, Ally Shrimp, Bann Special Shrimp, Orange and Gold Shrimp and the Cascade.

    Angling Clubs

    The Dundalk Brown Trout Anglers are the biggest club and control a large section of water.
    Link: www.browntroutanglers.com

    Angling Tip

    It is worth fishing below Toberona bridge after a flood.

    Fishing permits

    In addition to the club officials that provide permits, the club has a number of permit distribution outlets listed on the club website.

    Local tackle dealers
    Addtional information

    Inland Fisheries Ireland,
    Telephone: 00 353 87 9918608
    Email: david.byrne@@fisheriesireland.ie

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