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    Salmon and sea trout fishing on the River Boyne

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    One goes back on The Boyne

    Catch and Release for 2024

    • Salmon and seatrout from 1st March to 30th September.
    • It is prohibited to use any fish hooks, other than single or double barbless hooks
    • It is prohibited to use worms as bait in angling for all species of fish

    The River Boyne rises near Newberry Hall in Co. Kildare and meanders its way in a north easterly direction for seventy miles through counties Offaly, Meath and Louth before entering the Irish Sea below the historic town of Drogheda, between the townlands of Mornington and Baltray. The River Boyne gets a small run of big salmon early in the season a reasonable run of grilse and sea trout in summer and early autumn. The majority of salmon fishing in this area is controlled by Angling Associations with some being maintained by private fishery owners.

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    The River Boyne is in the “Catch and Release” category for 2021

    The main salmon and sea trout fisheries are located on the lower reaches of the river between Navan and Drogheda but some salmon fishing is available on the Boyne and lower Kells Blackwater early in the season around the Navan area. The Ramparts, Sophie’s Island and the Mollies are popular locations. The average weight of fish at this time of the year is around 10 lbs but occasional larger fish to 20+lbs are also possible. Fish can also be taken in this area later in the year when water conditions are suitable, generally with a flood or rise in water level. Fishing on the River Boyne is subject to the salmon and sea-trout rrgulations. Please check out the following link: Salmon Angling Régulations

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    Fishing Guide Peter Cunningham releases a nice fresh double figured Boyne Salmon
    Oldbridge to Navan

    In summer when the water is low the best of the salmon fishing is located between Slane and Oldbridge. Good numbers of salmon are taken annually during the months of July, August and September on the fisheries downstream of Slane Village with the most popular locations being, the Scabby Arch, Johnsons, Staleen and the famous ‘Curly Hole’ pool at Oldbridge. The average weight of salmon in summer is 5 lbs. to 8 lbs. but numbers of larger fish to 17 lbs can also be taken.

    Sea trout fishing is mainly concentrated around the Oldbridge area but they can be caught on occasion as far upstream as Slane and near Dunmoe in Navan. The Boyne gets a small run of large sea trout at the end of May and into June but the best of the fishing is from the end of June to the end of September. The average weight of sea trout is 1lbs with larger sea trout to 5lbs being caught on occasion.

    shrimp fly
    Shrimp Patterns can work well on the River Boyne

    Estuary fishing for sea trout has grown in popularity in recent years and many anglers now fish on the estuary at mornington. One of the more popular spots in around the Maidens Tower where many sea trout are taken each year. There are still many more areas yet to be discovered on this vast estuary. Anglers should please note that the salmon and sea trout angling regulations apply and that a State licence is required to fish for salmon and sea trout (this includes the river, the estuary and the coastline).

    When fishing for salmon and sea trout anglers must have a State licence and the necessary permission before fishing. Day permits are available. All legitimate methods may be used subject to the rules and regulations of the club or fishery and the salmon angling regulations which, are reviewed annually. Salmon fishing on the River Boyne is currently available on a catch and release basis and only single or double barbless hooks may be used. The use of worms as bait is prohibited. The season runs from 1st March to 30th September.

    • It is prohibited to use any fish hooks, other than single barbless hooks
    • It is prohibited to use worms as bait in angling for all species of fish

    The season runs from 1st March to 30th September.

    Towns and Villages

    The towns and villages situated along the lower Boyne are Navan and Slane, Co Meath and Drogheda, Co. Louth

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    Salmon Fishing Tip

    Use an intermediate line in the deeper water at Oldbridge in September.

    Salmon Angling Regulations

    Please ensure that you famliarise yourself with the current salmon angling regulations before fishing. You will find all the necessary information in the following link Salmon Angling Regulations

    Angling Clubs

    The following angling clubs control stretches of salmon fishing on the River Boyne.

    Drogheda & District Anglers Club:
    Secretary, John Murphy
    Address: 39 Anville Cresent, Drogheda Co. Louth.
    Telephone: +353 86 3413350

    Rossin, Slane & District Anglers Club:
    Secretary Mr. Brian Lowth,
    Telephone: +353 87 3152236
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: www.rossinslaneangling.com

    Navan & District Anglers Association:
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: www.navananglers.com

    Fishing Permits

    Day permits and day memberships for the above angling association waters are available from the secretaries of the above named Angling Associations and the following local tackle dealers.

    Navan & District Anglers Association

    Clarks Sports Den,
    Address: Trimgate Street, Navan, Co. Meath.
    Telephone: +353 46 9021130
    Website: www.sportsden.ie

    Anglers World,
    Address: Balmoral Industrial Est, Navan.
    Telephone: +353 46 9071866

    Rossin, Slane & District Anglers Club and Drogheda & District Anglers Club

    Top Gun Sports,
    Address: 50 Magdalene Street, Drogheda, Co. Louth.
    Telephone: +353 41 9842225.
    Email: [email protected]

    Duo Hook:
    Address: The Granary, Constitution Hill, Drogheda, Co.Louth
    Telephone: +353 86 8443870
    Email: info@duohook
    Website: http://duohook.ie/

    Guide Services

    Fishing guides in County Louth
    Fishing guides in County Meath

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