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    The Rye Water rises in Co. Kildare and flows in a south-easterly direction for 12 miles before joining with the Liffey at leixlip. Although the river has been drained it is generally fast flowing over a stoney bottom. This river which contains stcks of brown trout gets good hatches of olives and sedges.
    The stretch of the Rye Water from Sandford’s Bridge to the Leixlip Aqueduct (where the Royal Canal flows over the Rye) is owned by Intel Ireland Ltd., and is controlled by Leixlip and District Angling Association. Access to this stretch is from Kellystown Lane and from the towpath beside the Aquaduct. There is very good quality trout fishing, particularly in spring. Fish average 10 oz with several over 3 lbs recorded every year. Excellent hatches of olives emerge at various times of the year and good hatches of sedges occur in the late evenings from the middle of May right up to the end of September. Anglers are required at all times carry a permit or display a membership badge which can and will be examined by officers from Intel or the Angling Association.

    Angling Byelaw 936, 2015 This Bye-law prohibits the use of any fish hooks, other than single barbless hooks, prohibits the use of worms as bait in angling for all species of fish in the waters specified in the Bye-law, and revokes Angling Bye-law No. 930, 2014.

    Angling Bye-Law No. 936 of 2015.pdf

    Rye Water, Leixlip, Co. Kildare.
    Fish Species
    Brown Trout
    Season: 1st March – 30th September
    Methods: (Fly Fishing only with a Catch and Release policy for ALL Fish.)
    Best Flies: Dryflies: olives & sedges, sizes 14 – 16
    Wetflies; patterns including gold heads size 12 – 16.
    Angling Club Leixlip & District Angling Association control fishing on this river:
    Membership Secretary: Michael O’Callaghan. Tel: 087 2042149.
    Fishing Tip: Try fishing a small nymph suspended under the dry fly on evenings when the fish are rising short.
    Day Ticket
    Day tickets are available for visiting anglers who wish to fish the Rye Water. They can be obtained from The Leixlip Amenities Centre, Collinstown, Maynooth Road, Co. Kildare. Tel: 624 3050

    Access to Fisheries: Access does not imply a right of way and anglers should ensure that, they have the necessary permission to enter or cross private lands. Where possible anglers should walk along the river bank or lake shore.

    Country Code: Anglers should ensure that gates are closed and that fences are not broken or damaged. Care should be taken with crops and livestock. Litter must not be discarded and no fires are allowed. Vehicles should be parked in designated areas and in such a manner that they do not cause obstruction.