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Gaping holes in the Irish Angling festival list for 2013 have been plugged by the introduction of three brand new five-day matches on Lough Muckno.

The Muckno Easter Festival is planned for April 1-5, that’s followed by the Muckno Mania on July 1-5 and then is rounded off by the Muckno Autumn Festival, being held from September 30 until October 4.

“We are taking full advantage of having what must now be one of Europe’s finest match venues”, said Dick Caplice of Irish Angling Development Alliance. Anglers can arrive on this wonderful Monaghan fishery and drive safely to 220 permanent pegs and enjoy parking close to where they will be pegged, catching a lot of fish! Our plan is to stage three professionally run events with innovative ideas, such as a random electronic draw system designed by Random.Org at Trinity College Dublin. This will produce a five-day rotation for each angler plus individual pegs numbers on a daily basis thereafter”.

The event is being organised by the Irish Angling Development Alliance, the Lough Muckno Coarse Angling Club and angling holiday specialists, Active Irish Angling. Full details will be available within the next 10 days and in the meantime please contact Dave Houghton on (UK) 0151 324 4744 (Ire) 071 9642743 or email  [email protected]

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