Billy Demery send us a quick report:

A nice day and some unfortunate maggots, some nice sightings;

We saw nice weather and thought O.K lets relax by the canal and drop a line in.  We went down to Prosperous in Kildare, but we eventually found ourselves in Ticknevin. We met up with Larry and Mark, some friends from nearby, and we began to fish. We found a nice shaded spot under the bridge where there were plenty of small perch and a large one too! There was also an almost unlimited supply of decent sized and small roach and a couple of smallish rudd so we used this as a chance to teach Mark (who was only six) the basics of fishing and after not too long he had his first roach –  he was stoked!

We also saw a tench and a massive eel cruise by. We were using slightly too large hooks so we didn’t catch billions but it was a nice time and probably a cool experience for Mark.  By the evening hunger was getting the better of Charlie so I packed up reluctantly before the good tench fishing.  but I enjoyed myself and I’m looking forward to more fishing some other time.

Compliments of: Billy Demery