Pawel Ladniak from the Fishmaniak angling club reports…

The Fishmaniaks held a coarse angling competition on Glasshouse lake 6-7th Oct 2012. We had 20 attendees, who made up the 10 2-man teams.The competition was fished through the night and the anglers started at 8pm on Saturday and finished at 10 am next day on Sunday. The scores were not great but everybody caught some fish. Total catch was 40 kg fish and the biggest fish of the competition was caught by Pawel Ladniak, a bream of 1.68 kg. The winners of our competition Adam Jonik and Miroslaw Hajduk.

1st Palce – Adam Jonik and Miroslaw Hajduk
2nd place – Pawel Ladniak and Tomasz Bartoszko
3rd place – Krzysiek and Damian

Pawel Ladniak