The Irish implementing legislation for the Habitats Directive identifies the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural resources as having a role in carrying out monitoring of the status of the relevant fish species. The present R&D programme fills this Ministerial obligation and complements it by including those fish species listed in the current Red Data Book and not covered by the Habitats directive. In essence, this programme embraces the ‘conservation fish species’, including the shads, lampreys, smelt, char, pollan and Atlantic salmon. The programme synergises with other programmes undertaken by IFI and other stakeholders to ensure optimal use of resources.


The programme in its current form was established in 2009 but is building on expertise developed within the Central and Regional Fisheries Boards since 2000. The range of species is wide and each species has different life history stages that may be amenable to monitoring at different times of year. The aim of the programme is to develop a knowledge base to assess the conservation status of the various species and to identify issues and requirements needed to sustain the various species.

The programme has compiled catchment-wide juvenile lamprey surveys on 8 catchments and has undertaken survey work with the WFD team in respect of pollan and char.

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