Off the shore

Its not just the boat anglers that are having all the luck lately, shore anglers are also getting in on the act. Both the harbour marks and the outer harbour areas are starting to produce good numbers of decent fish.

Regular visitors from the UK, James, Ted, & Mike Molyneaux, were traversing through many of these marks last week and had some great results. The lads tried a whole range of lures but had the best action on surface lures. Despite the breezy conditions and large surf the bass aggressively attacked what they had to offer, particularly Xorus Patchinko’s. Pictured above is Mike Molyneaux with a nice fish just touching the 6lb mark. This was typical of the stamp of fish that they found during the week.

Cobh SAC angler, Timmy Leahy, has also reported some good success on shore marks. Here’s a pic of one of Timmy’s fish and again Timmy reports that the best action came to surface lures.

One of East Cork’s best known anglers, Clinton Rachman, has also been targeting the bass. Clinton has one or two secret marks that are very infrequently visited and it is here that he is having some great success of late. Not for Clinton is the surface lures….instead, Clinton has been experimenting with soft plastic lures he’s had shipped over from South Africa. They’ve really been doing the business. Here’s a pic of one of these bass caught on an sp that most anglers will found hard to come by. It looks like Clinton will have the upper hand from here on in!!!

It just shows you that knows the time for some superb bass fishing and with the improved weather conditions of late the water clarity is now just spot on. Make the most of it for although autumn bassing can be superb the weather can also be fickle and what are ideal conditions now may not last indefinitely!

Bella Vista

Owner of the Bellavista fleet, Kevin Murphy, reports that his clients are having some great autumn bassing. Many of his guests in the last month have been from Holland and France and have been targeting the bass with a vast array of lures. The French lads, in particular, have concentrated on soft plastics, as you would expect. Their results have been excellent with many of the fish in the 60 – 70cm range, a very encouraging sign.

Autumn fishing for bass is just great! The fish have piled on the weight over the summer months and, in a last splurge before the onset of winter, are always in a greedy mood, some would say even an angry mood! Lures, particularly surface lures, are attacked with venom! Oh, how you just can only but love the autumn!

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Richie Ryan, one of Cork Harbour’s top bass anglers and certainly one of the top guides around, has reported that the bass fishing has stepped up a notch in recent weeks. One would expect the fishing to become a bit more hectic in the Autumn as the bass feed voraciously prior to the onset of winter. However, after such a peculiar season none of the usual habits and routines of this much sought after predator could be relied upon. With this in mind its great to see that Richie has been putting his clients on the fish, and its not just one or two.

If you’d fancy a day’s fishing with Richie you can contact him on 00-353-86-1940744 or check out his website on

Courtesy of Cork Harbour Angling Hub