Carton House Fishery report 19/07/12

by Fishery Manager, Rob Love

The River Liffey.

Unfortunately the Liffey remains in flood and is largely unfishable.  Recent weather reports suggest it might start drying up over the weekend and into next week.  It probably will take some time before water levels recede but I am optimistic that once this happens Sedge fishing in the evenings should result in some good sport.

The Rye Water.

The Rye Water has been largely unaffected by the recent floods and is currently running at a good level – particularly for Nymph fishing with the usual suspects – Hairs Ear and PTN working well.  However there is also good fishing with large hatches of Sedge on the water – several anglers have had success with smallish (size 12- 14) brown Sedge patterns.

A nice fish who succumbed to a small brown Sedge on the Rye Water at Carton during the week.

We are also stocking the lake above the weir with Brown Trout.  This stocking is taking place tomorrow (Friday) and should result in some good fishing.

The Sheet Water.

The Sheet water has been quite quiet as of late with fishing a little bit on the hard side.  However this is also being stocked tomorrow (Friday) with Rainbows in the 2 – 3 lb size range so fishing should improve over the next few weeks.

Types of fishing available at Carton House in Ireland:

1. Pike fishing

2. Wild Brown Trout fishing

If you are interested in any of the above, please email us at [email protected] or call + 353 1 5052000.