July 9th to July 15th 2012 Lough Sheelin Report


Fishing is much more than fish.

It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers. Herbert Hoover

'Ready for Action'
‘Ready for Action’

(Left to right) Connor Fitzsimons, Chloe Golderick and Shane Fitzsimons all set to take on Lough Sheelin at the L.S.T.P.A Youth Angling Day on Saturday July 14th

‘The only way to catch fish is by being out on the lake’

Lough Sheelin angling numbers increased this week compared to the past few weeks ‘slump’ in fishermen and the lake did not disappoint for those who studied the water they were on. 

Anglers must take the time to understand this great lake, immerse themselves in its ‘sway’ and remember the mantra that ‘all fishing on this special place is governed by the wind’, the wind will always and forever dictate where the fish are and where they will rise.

The ideal conditions are calm with a slight ripple or kink in the water, fly will gather around the edges of a ripple and this is where the fish will come up to feed and this is where the angler needs his preferred ‘poison’ to be.

The level of the lake has dropped from the previous week and this is good as with flood waters the temperature goes down and with it the trout’s appetite so this week saw warmer water temperatures and better movement and feeding of trout.

Friday the 13th     was certainly not unlucky for Sheelin as it was the best fishing day of the week with unbelievable rises of trout covering the entire lake and spectacular hatches of sedges. Amazingly enough there are still mayfly, mostly in sporadic little patches around the islands.

Fish are still reportedly only coming up the once then no more, the most popular flies being used were the dabblers, silver invicta, small brown sedge, murrough and the green peter.

The Youth Angling Day run by the Lough Sheelin Protection Association supported by Recreational Angling Ireland was held at Kilnahard on Saturday July 14th.  Twenty eight very enthusiastic 4 to 18 year olds took part in this event which included fly tying, fly casting and fly fishing finishing with a Bar B Q.

Although every child was a winner in our eyes, the top fish caught were by Eamonn Quinn, Cavan, Oisin Faul, Ballina, Co.Mayo and Darren Harten, Cavan. 

Shay Lyttle and proud Dad
Shay Lyttle and proud Dad

Youngest competitor Shay Lyttle with his father Maurice from Mountnugent, Cavan and the group who took part in the Youth angling day, all of whom were awarded certificates from Recreational Angling Ireland.


The Lough Sheelin Trout Protection Association will be hosting The McDonald Cup on Sunday August 12th from 12 noon to 6pm starting from Kilnahard Pier, entry fee is €20.  In line with this club’s strong conservation policy this annual competition will be changed this year to become a Catch & Release Competition – each boat will be supplied with a measure board and it is the angler who catches the longest fish who will win this coveted cup.  As a gesture of thanks to all members and non members who support this club and all its past and ongoing development and conservation work for this lake and its catchment all other prizes with be presented on the basis of a draw.  This competition will be followed by a Bar -B -Q on Kilnahard pier.  For further details please contact Eamon Ross @ 087 9436655 or Thomas Lynch @ 087 9132033

A catch and release policy is actively encouraged on this lake

Please remember anglers that the size limit on this lake is 35.5 cm (14 inches) – we need our small fish alive…….

Total number of fish recorded for the week : 38

Heaviest fish was a 4½ lb trout caught by Donegal man Mourice McDevitt using a murrough on Sunday July 15th.

Selection of other catches:

Mick Neill, Summerhill – 2 trout at 1½ and 3lbs caught using a silver invicta and a dabbler.

Michael Craig, Co.Antrim – 1 trout at 1¾ lbs using a green peter on July 14th and 3 trout on Friday July 13th   , heaviest was 3lbs on a klinkhammer, Michael had great sport fishing but he admitted he was basically ‘throwing everything at them’.

Maurice McDevitt, Donegal – 2 trout at 4½ and 2lbs, on July 15th, both using the murrough.

Andrew McManus fishing with Michael Reilly, Carrigallen – 2 trout at 1½ and 1¾ lbs using a mepps and tazmanian devil.

Michael Kelly, Dublin – Tuesday July 10th 1 trout at 4lbs using a stimulator, Wednesday July 11th 3 trout at 1½ – 2½ lbs, two were caught on the sedge, one on a stimulator around Derrysheridan. Thursday July 12th 1 trout at 1½ lbs in the afternoon, 2 at 1½ – 2lbs in the evening, all were caught on LF flies.  On Friday Michael caught 8 fish – 1 @  4lbs, 1 @ 3½ lbs, 3 @ 2½ lbs and 3 averaging 1½ – 1¾ lbs, all caught on LF flies and Klinkhammers.

Eamonn Quinn, Cavan with his winning trout in the Youth Angling Day at Lough Sheelin, July 14th
Eamonn Quinn, Cavan with his winning trout in the Youth Angling Day at Lough Sheelin, July 14th
Darren Harten, Cavan with his winning trout at the L.S.T.P.A Youth
Darren Harten, Cavan with his winning trout at the L.S.T.P.A Youth


Oisin Faul, Ballina, Co.Mayo with his winning trout
Oisin Faul, Ballina, Co.Mayo with his winning trout


Luke from Arva, Cavan sorting out the oars for the Youth Angling Day
Luke from Arva, Cavan sorting out the oars for the Youth Angling Day


Brenda Montgomery IFI