Martyn Rayner, Seirt Shultz and Tony Tait onboard the small boat Screaming Reels enjoyed the fine sunshine, and light winds earlier this week. Using frozen mackerel and razorfish with a variety of muppets, Fat boys, pirks and jelly worms the trio had some exciting angling and landed 30 ling to 24lbs, 2 cod to 12lbs, specimen sized haddock, plaice, whiting and poor cod.

Fishing over a wreck that had produced for Tony in the past mupets and fat boys had the fish biting from the first drop and a number of ling to 10lb were brought to the boat.
The fishing was steady with a nice slow drift over the wreck, but there was still tackle losses. More ling were accounted for and a slightly better size was beginning to show.
Martin opted for a change in tactics and tried gilling. He soon had a nice cod on the deck , but after a good 30 minutes trying not a lot else was taken on that wreck.

A decent cod
A decent cod

A number of other wrecks were targetted but none yielded any fish – netting suspected as the cause. The tide had turned and they returned to the first wreck of the day. The three anglers were into much bigger fish, and before long Seirt landed what looked like a specimen ling, and on the boat was bouncing around the 25lb mark. Unfortunately back onshore it was just over the 24lb mark, a shame as they are a tough specimen to get! A good few more fish between 15 and 23 lb were landed and we headed back to do some inshore fishing.

Not quite the specimen, but very close
Not quite the specimen ling, but very close

The boys were not expecting too much, and whilst Martin was setting up a smaller flatty rig for his second rod, Seirt told him he had a bite. Sure enough a good fish was on, it was nodding hard , so Martin thought it was a cod. But up to the net came a fantastic haddock, which when weighed back onshore hit 7.05 lbs, a specimen!  Tony also picked up a cracker and it was 5.7lbs, two great fish but nothing else apart from a few whiting.

This fine haddock did make specimen weight at over 7lb
This fine haddock did make specimen weight at over 7lb and wins Martyn Catch of the Week

With those great fish landed they headed in closer inshore to see if they could pick up a dab for the master angler competition, but as much as they tried, all they kept picking up were plaice. They were nicely marked fish and Seirt had one around the 2lb mark, another nice fish for the day. All the plaice were returned as they were very thin.

No dabs were biting but no one mided with these plaice about
No dabs were biting but no one mided with these plaice about

Courtesy of Boat-Angling-Ireland.