Derek Gibbons of Cavan Coarse Angling Club reports that a few anglers from Belturbet AC, Cavan CAC, Gowna Match Group and some visiting UK lads held a knock up yesterday on Gulladoo Lake. It was a tough day with the fish hard to hit, bites being very finicky. Weather was brutal at times  with sunshine, rain, hail and high winds at various stages during the 5 hour match. Some lads had a poor catch and only caught a few but in general there were no actual blanks, despite some lads not weighing at all.

Results were as follows:

  • 1st. Paul Leese – 8lb 4ozs
  • 2nd. Nigel Holdsworth – 5lbs 10ozs
  • 3rd. Derek Gibbons – 4lbs 5ozs
  • 4th. Stuart – 4lb 3ozs

15 anglers fished and top 4 places paid out.

Derek Gibbons
Cavan CAC

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