8th/9th June 2013.

Royal Enfield Angling Club held their annual 2-Day International Festival over the weekend of the 8th/9th of June.  As in previous years the event proved to be well attended with over 50 anglers attending from all over Ireland and the UK.  In total the Club paid out €4,500 in prizes.

The matches were held on stretches of the Royal Canal at Ferns Lock and Longwood.

The event as always has received terrific support and sponsorship and the club would like to thank the following for their generous sponsorship:


Waterways Ireland

Fergus Crowe

Brian O’Donoghue

And for this year Royal Enfield Angling Club, received generous support from The Gathering Ireland, 2013. This year Royal Enfield Angling Club welcomed 21 anglers from the United Kingdom.

The results of the Festival were as follows:


  • 1st:          Anthony Marsden, Wigan, UK (9lb.14ozs) who received over €900, the Progressive Genetics Cup and a Crystal Trophy presented by Waterways Ireland and a Gathering Crystal commemorative  piece of crystal
  • 2nd:         Les Ryding, Lancashire, UK (9lb.1ozs) who received over €600 and a Crystal Trophy presented by Waterways Ireland.
  • 3rd:         Brian Kane, Dublin (8lb. 13.5ozs) who received €400 and a Crystal Trophy presented by Waterways Ireland.
  • 4th:          Paul Kelly, Dublin (7lb. 7.5ozs) who received €200
  • 5th:          John King, United Kingdom (7lb. 6.5ozs) who received €100


  • 1st:         Jack Sutton
  • 2nd :        Alex McGee
  • 3rd: Cillian Flynn
  • 4th:          Liam McEvilly
  • 5th:          Ella McGee
  • 6th:          Jorja McGee


Present at the presentation of prizes were Mr Willie Rigney, Waterways Ireland and Cllr William Carey, Meath County Council.