Lure angler Steven Neely from Co. Antrim headed out at the weekend with the intention of catching some sea trout.  Steven tells us:

“Earlier on in the day we had been discussing how long it had been since I landed a coalie and I reckoned it must have been at least four years ago! The plan was to meet up with Jonny and head out after some sea trout as the tide turned and started to push. It was a stunning day – sun was out, blue skies and the wind had dropped for the evening. If nothing else it was a pleasant night to be out on the rocks.
The mark looked promising. A strong current, back eddies and plenty of cover – things were looking good.

We had only arrived and  my Dad had a few knocks and bumps – trout? Jonny and I looked over to see the rod bent over and a minute later a plump little coalie landed.

It was great to finally get one on the lure gear and it lifted the spirits for the evening to come.

Steven's coalie
Steven's coalie

The rest of the night was peppered with coalies up to 2 lb taken on a mixture of small metals jigged near the bottom and small, 4 inch weedless shads rigged Texas style.
No sea trout sadly but great sport nonetheless and a nice confidence boost to what has been a rather grim few weeks.
Is this a sign that things are starting to change? Warm evenings, a few fish starting to show …… let’s hope it continues. ”

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Rookie Bass Angler - Steven Neely with coalie
Rookie Bass Angler - Steven Neely with coalie

Steven Neely

Rookie Bass Angler