Slaney river Trust Report for the week to 28 April 2013

Fish Running Hard.

The good fishing continued over the week ended on Sunday the 28th with up to 30 fish reported fromTullow to Enniscorthy.  The warmer weather has encouraged fish to run to the upper reaches. One angler fishing below Tullow reported seeing good numbers of fish last Sunday (21 st April) and he and a fellow angler managed to land 4 and lost another. He also reported that other anglers on the beat below also landed fish.During the week at least one fish was landed in Kildavin and 3 more lost. Moyadie accounted 3 or 4 fish.
From there are reports from Enniscorthy of at least 7 fish landed, a number of them on the fly including this one from Joe Tumilson.

Successful anglers during the week included Peter Lynch and Teddy Sinnott who both had a fish at Clobemon, while both Kevin Clayton and Tom Tynan were on the score sheet again as were Andy Kelly and John Carroll.On Sunday Paddy Corcoran landed two fish at Clohamon, one of them in the mid teens, Saulius Satas had a fish of about 7lbs and Eanna Murphy, fishing at Farmleigh, landed his first ever salmon after losing two a couple of weeks ago.Jason O’ Brien had a fresh fish on Clobemon with both him and his father losing fish the day before With the warm weather the anglers are reporting fishing smaller flies on sink tip lines. The fly of the week was the yellow shrimp which accounted for numerous fish.

Ladies out fish the men April 29th, 2013

On two days during the week it was the girls who out fished the boys. On Tuesday 23rd Hannie Blake had a very good day landing two fresh fish and losing 2 others, one of them quite large which Hannie never saw despite playing it for a good ten minutes. Then on Thursday Margaret Downes landed two fresh fish of about 10 and 12 lbs.

Prospects for week  April 29th, 2013

The word form Enniscorthy is that fish are still arriving on each tide so prospects for May are good. Some beats require rain while others will enjoy the lower water and should start accounting for fish.

Mossy Browne with a 22lb beauty
Mossy Browne with a 22lb beauty

Mossy hits the Jackpot with a 20lb plus sealiced springer April 29th, 2013

Mossy Browne had a red letter  fishing at Tombrick today with a small yellow shrimp on a floating line. After a fight that twice saw him out on the backing this sealiced springer, a cock fish estimated at circa 22 lbs fell off as Brian Hennesy got him into the net. This is a delighted Mossy’s best ever fish. There are some great quality fish on the Slaney this year.You can get a good idea of its size as it swims off.

Mossy Browne with his fine salmon in the net
Mossy with his fine salmon in the net
.....and returning the fish safely
.....and returning the fish safely

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