Jim Hendrick, bass angling guide and guru, will be making a short presentation called Nine steps to better bass fishing at www.hooked.ie February 2nd 2013.

Jean Byrne
Once Jim relied on goldfish to predict what bass might do. Now its Jean Byrne in a silver dress. Go to the show to find out the connection...
  • Jean Byrne and ‘that dress’ – a theory or two!
  • Optimising your skill whilst recognising your passion
  • Do you want to cast expensive pieces of plastic or do you want to catch fish?
  • Disbelieving the digital angling hype – after all you are only one person
  • A fishing schedule may not improve your angling
  • Fish like it’s your last chance to fish – sometimes
  • Constant change is the only constant
  • Risk can be costly, but routine can be meaningless
  • Make some of your own experiences yours and yours alone

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