Waterford City and Trout Angler’s Association are very pleased with the great efforts being made in preparation for Opening Day which will be March 1st.  All members are busy.  They continue the offer of two sharing a boat for €50.  Electric outboards are allowed and anglers are asked to bring their own anchors.

Preparing for opening day....
Preparing for opening day....

The new harbour at Knockaderry will be finished in April and until then the boats are as before in the harbour at the dam.  Both lakes will be stocked with two pound triploid rainbows..  Their fish finder has shown that there are large populations of over wintered fish in both lakes.  Knockaderry especially, which was lightly fished in the autumn and winter.

More subtle tactics will be needed to catch there, like shrimp and buzzers down deep.

From this to this….great work being done at Knockaderry

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