The Rainbows on the Sheet of Water are really starting to get hold of the spring theme and are feeding quite hard.  There is surface activity during the milder hours of 11 – 3 although there is also sport to be had outside these hours.

Conditions were far from favourable last Friday when a visiting group of anglers from Intel came to the fishery, in spite of cold and bright conditions several fine fish were returned – the best probably around the 6lb mark.

It is an excellent spot to get some casting practice in as there is little fear of back casts becoming snagged etc and it is quite sheltered even in the most unfavourable of conditions.

A good fish taken in difficult conditions on the Sheet of Water
A good fish taken in difficult conditions on the Sheet of Water

Several types of fly are working well with the more typical ‘rainbow flies’ at the top of the list.   The more successful flies at the moment are in orange fritz or pink fritz.  Also worth a try are more traditional nymph patterns such as GRHE and Goldheads.

Typical river set up’s are perfect as the water is not particularly deep – a 5wt rod being perfectly adequate.

Fishing / watercraft lessons can also be arranged on this stretch of water.  Included in the price for a lesson is the hire of a rod, reel, line and flies for anyone new to the sport.