Ronan Cusack reports that Mask continued in top form again this week with some exceptional bags reported. Water levels have dropped slightly, but are still very high for this time of year. The massive hatch of olives we have enjoyed over the past 3 weeks are beginning to peter out with the arrival of the long awaited mayfly. Hatches have been described as sparse so far, with the main hatch in the south-eastern corner of the lake (Saints Island – Inishard area). The buzzer hatch on the warmer days has also been incredible with some fine trout taken on various buzzer patterns.

Connor Dennedy (Claremorris) and Owen Kelly (Donegal) had 10 trout wetfly fishing on Thursday (best fish 2.25lbs all returned). The lads also reported returning countless undersize fish in shallow water. Ronan Cusack guided 2 UK anglers – Howard and Mike – for two days this week and they had 18 fish over the size limit for the two days, also encountering numerous undersize fish (best fish 2.25lbs all returned).

Phil McGinnity of the Marine Institute in Newport was joined by two Scottish friends, Mike Donehey and John Webb, on Mask for two days this week. The three lads spent the two days with Kevin Sheridan and Ronan Cusack and had approximately 24 trout for their trip (best fish 2.5lbs, all returned). Ronan and Mike then fished together on Friday and they had 14 good fish for the day (best fish 6lbs).  Local angler Kevin Egan had 5 trout in Cushlough Bay for a few hours fishing this week (best fish 4lbs, all returned). Kevin was joined by Declan McAlorum from Dublin on Saturday afternoon and they had 2 fish (best fish 2.5lbs, all returned). Peadar Jennings (Ballinrobe) also fished on Saturday and he had 11 trout on mayfly patterns (best fish 2lbs).

Ronan also guides on Mask and can be contacted on at 087 2869487 or by email at [email protected]

Yves Hammon from France spent the past month on Mask with his wife fishing from Halls Angling Centre, they had 118 trout over their 4 week trip (best fish 4lbs). David Duffy also fished from Halls this week and he had 3 fish on wetfly patterns (best fish 1.75lbs). To book fishing or accommodation at Halls contact David or Helen on 094 9541389 or check

Regular Mask anglers Anthony Baggott and Philip McGoldrick fished on Saturday and they landed 20 plus trout with 8 exceeding the legal limit (best fish 1.5lbs, all returned). Anthony reported that the majority of fish were taken on a Golden Dabbler and mayfly patterns.

Margaret Gorman from Isham Self-Catering and Boat Hire reports anglers fishing from ‘Isham’ and Dringeen Bay reported some of the best catches of fish from Lough Mask for years over the last week.The majority of the fish for the week were caught on wet flies, fished on floating and intermediate lines.

John Wilson, Malawi concluded his fishing trip which he thoroughly enjoyed having had much  success on dry flies. Pat and Adrian Gorman had a fantastic evenings fishing on Thursday, where for a few hours in stormy northerly winds, they caught 7 fine trout, all on wetfly, some of which were returned.   Their best fish was 3.5lbs.

Dr. Paul McQuaid, Dublin and Reg O’Keeffe, Cork, had a bumper day on Friday where Paul caught 5 trout on dapped natural mayfly  and wetfly.  John Wendell (Northern Ireland) and his friend Brendan also had a good days fishing on Friday.  Brendan caught his first trout on Lough Mask with a Claret Dabbler. Kevin Synott, Dublin fished on Saturday and Sunday, catching 7 trout over the two days, on a mix of wet and dry fly.  Scottish anglers Joe Hendrie and Alex Coutts had a great couple of days fishing from Dringeen Bay. They caught 15 trout overall on Lough Mask on olive patterns and on dry fly. Simon McDowell (Northern Ireland) had a good day on Saturday where he recorded 3 fish to dry fly.

‘Isham’ guests, Dr. Ian & Rosie Gordon (Northern Ireland), Roderick & Caroline Murphy (Kilkenny) and their friend Patrick from Cork concluded their fishing holiday at Dringeen Bay. The early part of the week, they fished dry flies on Lough Carra with some success.   They concluded their fishing on Saturday on Lough Mask where they again had some success with dry flies.

Pat and Adrian Gorman ventured out again on Sunday where they again had a good day’s fishing on wet fly. They caught 14 trout, including one very good fish.

The vast majority of fish caught by anglers for the week were returned alive.   All anglers reported huge numbers of small fish, in some cases up to twice as many as fish of a keep able size.

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Inland Fisheries Ireland would like to take this opportunity once again to remind anglers that fisheries officers are continually carrying out checks and patrols around Corrib, Mask and Carra lakes to ensure that local bye-laws and regulations are being adhered to.

Anglers should be mindful that since 2008 it is illegal to be in possession of any trout under 33cm (13 inches) and that there is a daily bag limit of 4 brown trout per angler per day.