Galway Fishery

Fishery Manager, Seamus Hartigan, reports that angling conditions were ideal for flyfishing with one sluice gate open on the Weir. However, despite good numbers of fish in the system, salmon were proving difficult to tempt at times! Some anglers did have some decent sport during the week with local angler, John Anderson, Killian Garvey, Wicklow, and Stephen Oliver, Northern Ireland, recording fish from 4 to 6 lbs. on the fly. Mossy Brown, Waterford, had a day to remember on Sunday 10th landing three fish from 4 to 8.5 lbs. on fly, and hooked several more, all of which were sportingly released! Donal Carney, Athlone, enjoyed a decent evening’s fishing session landing two salmon on the fly, best 12 lbs. Both fish were sportingly released to be caught another day!

The total catch for the week was 14 fish, all caught on fly. Weather conditions have changed in recent days, with water temperatures cooling down, so prospects could be good in the coming weeks on the Weir!