Shark hunting is still on the menu up for Hamish Currie of Predator II in Red Bay at this time of year…

With one or two about trolling for them seems to turn them on as they are not really interested in feeding because I think their bellies are full. On Tuesday 16 Sepetember, we caught 2 porbeagles but drifted for 2 hours and nothing. Then as soon as I changed tactics we had 2 in the boat 1 lost at side of the boat and at least another 5 snatches.

porbeagle shark
Porbeagle sharks are a great target for the boat anglers at this time of year

The baitfish are everywherenow, even in the middle of the channel.  We could see loads of gannets working a little north of Islay and its not rocket science to guess what they are at.

The best fish was caught by steven Carson from Carrick Fergus specimen hunters club.

Hamish Currie
Predator II

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