Mike Murray of Murray’s Angling Services  reports that there has been a huge improvement in coarse fishing around Portumna recently…

Over the previous weeks fishing around Portumna has been a little hit and miss with good catches one day and poor the next. The past two weeks however has shown a dramatic change of fortunes with some of the best fishing I have ever experienced. Fishing along side Mike Waterworth of Leeds England our first 3 days produced huge bags of Roach, Bream and Hybrids on a section upstream of Portumna. The last day produced fish non-stop all day with a bite every cast. We decided to rest this swim and the next day went to Rodgers Island where we met some other English anglers who had been fishing since 6am some without a single bite. After 2 hours without a fish we decided to go upstream in the boat and use the fishfinder.

Mike Waterworth had 45lb of bream in 3 hours on his last day

Within 5 minutess we located a huge concentration of fish just a few hundred yards from Rodgers island. We immediately baited the swim and between 3pm and 7pm had fantastic fishing with Bream 7lb+ and some of the best Roach we have ever seen. The smallest ones being 1lb and most averaging around 1.5lb to 2lb. We both caught Roach of over 2lb with the best weighing in at 2.5lbs. The action continued for the next 3 days. Mike Waterworth could not resist fishing on the last day of his stay. With only 3 hours of spare time before he had to leave for his flight we returned to the same spot and finished with a great net of 45lbs all Bream catch within that time.

All fish fell to red maggot, chopped worm or a cocktail of both with fish not taking corn bait.

Over the 6 days we had over 500 lb of fish all in perfect condition.

Mike Murray
Murray’s Angling Services

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