Steven Neely from Rookie Bass Angler Blog battled the elements in South Donegal with good results.  He reports:

The forecast was looking rather dodgy but it was chopping and changing every few hours so it was really hard to tell what we would be faced with when we woke up on the Saturday morning.

Steven Neely - Aug 2014 1Waking up to 30 mph SW winds was not a good start! The decision was made to head down to South Donegal and seek some shelter in Donegal Bay. It wasn’t ideal but we managed a few smaller wrasse and Gina lost a beast of a pollack …..

Steven Neely - Aug 2014 2The weather wised up a little bit on the Monday and I made the call to head to my sacred wrasse territory. The swell was huge but I knew the North wind would flatten off a few gullies. Wrasse aren’t great fans of big swell but we had little choice.

Rigs were pretty simple – pegged 10g Texas leads and a combination of Illex and Z Man soft plastics.

Steven Neely - Aug 2014 8Another one nailed on the Illex S 210 M, 5-21g (Stalking Special)

Steven Neely - Aug 2014 4Z Man Finesse ShadZ really seems to be doing the business on my marks at the minute – tough, durable and just deadly.

Steven Neely - Aug 2014 5Gina with her P.B. wrasse – a great scrap and a real beauty. It was great to be able to nail a few fish despite some pretty ropey conditions.

Another kelp pig nailing a Z Man lure – Extremely shallow ground. These wrasse seem to be less colourful that my other marks.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPollack have been extremely rare around our part of the coast this season – assuming it has something to do with the storms – ripped up kelp forests perhaps? This one was a welcome sight.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis wrasse could be mistaken for a gold fish ….. small but pretty.

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