Paul Mcloughlin, Irish Angling Development Alliance, has all the results from the Muckno Easter 2 Festival…

Cathal Hughes of Baitech, Daiwa, Matchcraft dispels any doubts about his prowess, his ability and determination, with another awesome display of long pole short line fishing, off a modest peg on white Island today, to take his second Festival in 8 days. In the end it was not, could he hold on, but by how much he would win by, a margin that turned out to be almost 5kgs, from nearest rival Paul Keeley in second place who also put on a spirited display of exhibition pole fishing. In match up rivalries Bob Nudd pushed Cathal all the way on this day, to record a high 9kg just 200 grms behind Cathal, two pegs away and earned himself a cool cheque for 5th place overall. The most consistent man all week, Jonathan Jowett battled away on white Island to record an overall Festival 3rd and in doing so he recorded a weight of 7kgs plus when his 250 fish were weighed.

Cathal Hughes
Cathal won an exciting head to head with one of the UK’s best angling talents, Michael Buchwalder to win the Easter 1 Festival. He followed it up with the win at the Easter 2 Festival for good measure.

Ashurst alongside Malvservisi from Italy, Hughes from Ireland and Nudd from the UK would not be out of place on any international stage and it was something to behold, with fish in the air every minute of the match. These 4 alone recorded almost 1200 fish for about 30kgs. Quiet man Jonathan Jowett of Preston Innovations/Fisherman’s Way on the end was just as busy as ever and a similar picture was evident on Black and yellow Islands with Francis Mc Goldrick holding out to the bitter end and recording a great final placing of 4th just ahead of legendary Bob Nudd and the dynamic newcomer Mick Buchwalder. Just off the pace after some serious spirited performances were Pete Jones in 7th, followed by long threatening Brian Nesbitt, in 8th and Andy Lightbown and Andy Bennett making up the final 10, only grammes out of the podium placing’s.

Bob Nudd
Bob Nudd pushed Cathal all the way on the final day, to record a high 9kg just 200 grms behind Cathal.

This Festival as with Easter 1, was a true match mans dream, with loads of fish to be caught, in a variety of methods on all pegs and critical decisions to be made at critical junctures.

Those that made them best prevailed and the weights and the closeness right down to 20th spot reflects the calibre of the competitors, including the legend K Ashurst who dragged himself back into the fray after a shaky start.

We thank all of our competitors who made this a truly great sporting event, with a huge degree of camaraderie and enjoyable social interaction after the event each evening, at draw HQ in the Old coach Inn.

Most of the competitors in attendance have registered a real interest in our heavily sponsored July Festival and with runner up Lee Klimczuk, former winner Mark Pollard, former winner Kevin Johnston and many others added to that mix, another stunning festival is in prospect.

Expect more than 100kgs of fish to win this Festival and an inform Lough Muckno has the pedigree to do this hands down in July.
Paul Mcloughlin
Irish Angling Development Alliance