The Polish Anglers Northern Ireland Autumn Trapper Cup 2015 was fished on the lake Muckno (Black & Yellow Island) Sunday 08 November. The anglers met in the carpark of the “Old Coach Inn” at Castleblayney, where positions were drawn for the competitors and they were assigned to one of 3 zones. At registration 29 people from a number of countries turned up to fish. After disinfection of keepnets and gear the anglers went to their peg to prepare for the start of the competition.

Autumn Trapper Cup – Lough Muckno


The anglers were given the task to catch the greatest possible number of fish. After the end of the competition the fish were weighed, and for every gram of fish contestant received 1 point. All the fish caught were safely released into the water, in very good condition (Catch&Release). Methods used on the day included Feeder, Pole and Match style. The weather on Sunday was “interesting”. Rain and wind made for a difficult competition. Although Muckno is very productive it is not an easy fishing ground, and it can be hard to figure this water when you’re there for the first time. Luckily most of the anglers have already fished here at previous competitions.

A good fish from Muckno


The prizes were made up from the registration fee and these amounted to €580 (100% Pay Out).

The angler from each of the 3 zones, who won had the highest score was guaranteed a podium finish.  The best of these 3 was over all winner and also took home the Trophy “Autumn Trapper Cup 2015”.  In addition there was Trapper groudbait for each winner.

Tomasz Bartoszko won the competition with 7,000 points
Tomasz Bartoszko won the competition with 7,000 points

Winners on the podium:

1 – Tomasz Bartoszko – 7,000 points
2 – Artur Czarnocki – 6,050 points
3 – Liam O Brien – 3,200 points

Winners sectors:

Tadeusz Cieślak- 2,875 points
Vaidas Jagela – 2,750 points
Julan – 2,100 points
Robertas Zialitis – 2,100 points
Kevin Maguire – 1,400 points
Rafal Ostrowski – 1,100 points

Congratulations to the winners and the rest of the anglers.

– Sponsor professions Arthur Czarnocki for a great cup, a hot meal and a packet of bait trapper for each winning player.
– I.A.D.A. for making fishery.
– Daniel Cechowicz and Mariusz Kilian for his contribution and assistance in the draw and weighing fish.
The competition was organized by the coordinator of the club Tomasz Rzońca
We thank everyone for coming and look forward to another competition.