The first tench of the year were reported at  Ballyhoe Lakes last week. Garrett O’Reilly has all the news…

With spring in the air Ballyhoe 1 has seen its usual influx of early spring tench anglers competing for its spoils with good results for some and others finding it hard going , club member Jason Summers recorded the first official tench of the year with 9 fish for his first session of the season.

The first tench of the season at Ballyhoe was soon followed by 8 others…

Others, including myself, visited the lake this week only to find the tench not really playing ball. Young Brad landed a couple during his time there, however.

A brace of tench for Brad

You don’t need me to tell you the lake, like most tench waters,  can be moody at the best of times and this week was no different. After the initial run of early fish, the last few days have seen a few fish landed but that can change daily and giving the good weather recently I’m expecting them to settle down again and start to feed in earnest.

Despite the lakes mood, and the weather, a few more tench were caught over the weekend

The lake was busy this week with plenty of anglers , dog  walkers and families  making good use of the picnic tables in the spring air , with good temperatures and clear skies along with a hot sun it was good to see plenty of people relaxing around Ballyhoe.

Other local waters…

Its still early days just yet but all the lakes are now slowly starting to fish with reports of tench and bream now coming of Derrys Lough.

A Bream from Derrys

Several anglers this week took bream of Derrys but not in any great numbers yet with just the odd tench thrown in but plenty of bags of roach have been taken too along with a few skimmer bream.

Go fishing…

Meathhill AC is local community angling club set up in February 2010 to clean up our the local prime coarse angling waters and to encourage other anglers to come and enjoy them also .