Sunday saw a match on the Upper Dam sponsored by Trev’s Tackle Supplies. Trev Platt of Trev’s Tackle Supplies was also taking part in the competition and by skill more than chance he ended the day by winning back his sponsorship. This was no mean feat given that both Tommy Lawton the Duncan Lennox were pulling out all the stops and had each bagged over 25kg! But Trev’s huge 29.500kg catch of approx. 450 fish was almost 10lbs (in old money) ahead of their efforts.

Upper Dam, Inniscarra
Trevor caught about 450 fish for 29.5kg (65lb)

The favoured method was whip to hand with lots of small roach and the occasional 12oz roach and some good size hybrids.

1st Trev Platt 29.500kg
2nd Tommy Lawton 25.400kg
3rd Duncan Lennox 25.100kg
4th Peter Jones 24.750kg


Tommy Lawton
Tommy Lawton finished in Second Place with 25.4kg (56lb)