After several days of poor fishing in what can only be described as unseasonably cold and wet conditions last week, a group of anglers from Italy, on their second fishing trip to Boyle with angling Guide Bodo Funke, Angling Services Ireland, finally got into some good action on their last two days.

Matteo with one of the Italian anglers 100cm pike

All three anglers managed to catch a sizeable pike of almost a meter each: 1m,1m and a 99cm along with other nice fish, when the pike became finally more active.

Meanwhile two Dutch anglers also staying in Boyle, managed to boat over 130 pike for their fishing week here, but the big fish somehow eluded them. The two anglers were over on weeks fishing holiday, which they won as a sponsored prize during a fishing tournament (  in the Netherlands last year. The prize was sponsored by Angling Services Ireland and Abbey House B&B & self catering Boyle.

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