Guide Richie Ryan has seen customers from the four corners of the world.  This week Marek Dobias from Slovakia returned to Cork Harbour again for his annual outing with Richie.

Aged 17, and already featuring in a report from last year,  Marek is attending a fishing school in Ivanka Pri Dunaji.

Jana, his aunt , also comes out on the fly only session, mainly as interpreter.  Richie has told Marek that he’s on his own next year with the guide, so his English must improve.  Poor aunt Jana needs a rest.  I have no doubt Marek will know every word in the dictionary about fish and sailing next year as he thoroughly enjoyed his trip !

Marek Dobias from Slovakia
Marek Dobias from Slovakia

Jana says the highlight of Marek’s holiday in Ireland is the saltwater fly fishing in the harbour.  Guide Richie says she is a brilliant Aunt to just sit there patiently waiting for the fishing to finish year after year.

Some fine pollock were landed aboard Sea Hawk during the session. In addition, a fabulous kelpy 6 Lb cod was also netted during the booking.

Kelpy cod

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