Paddling anglers from had some great fishing on Tralee Bay during the fine weather recently…

Two members of recently made a trip out in Tralee bay. News of a 54lb stingray being caught in the bay a few days beforehand, had James and Kieron eager to wet their lines however unlikely it may be to get another this early in the year.

A flounder was a welcome break from the onslaught from the doggies

After a long paddle to their chosen mark, they dropped anchor just on the turning tide. Without wasting a minute they tossed their rigs downtide. Fishing flowing traces, one on a 30lb class rod with a large mackerel fillet, and the other on a downscaled 12lb setup for flatties. For quiet a while it was a persistent effort to avoid the dogfish. Although a nice flounder did break the onslaught.

This undulate ray took a lot of line before coming under control

With the tide in full flow, the dogfish bites stopped only for the silence to be broken by Kieron’s reel giving the welcome sound of line peeling from it. He picked up the rod and struck into nothing. Not to be deterred he checked the bait and dropped down again. Not long after, the same happened only this time, Kieron gave it an extra few seconds and struck again. This time he was successful. The fish moved very fast in the water and was stripping line, leading both men to presume a bass had been caught until, nearing the surface, it was revealed as a beautiful undulate ray, a species Kieron had not previously caught. Aware of the conservation efforts aimed at undulate ray he unhooked the fish very quickly in the water only raising it for a brief moment to get a picture before releasing it.

Big baits were needed later on to stave off the whiting and this undulate ray was tempted by the generous offering

As the tide continued to flood, the whiting began to appear, stripping baits in minutes. To try beat the whiting, bigger baits were employed. As James himself waited he watched as the tip of his rod bent into a take and as he struck he new it was a good fish. After a good battle, another undulate ray surfaced. Keeping with Kieron’s safe handling, James unhooked the fish quickly and released it to where it came from.
Brian McCall
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