Martin McKenna reports that Emy Lough is fishing well just now with some good hatches of fly…

A nice one in the boat, caught on a Mallard and Claret on an intermediate line

I was on the Emy Lough this morning from 10 o clock until 2, lots of swallows lifting flies off the surface and already mayfly to be seen, though only a couple of trout rising for them. The lake is very high at the moment.

Catch and Release
…back she goes

Total count of trout caught is 40+, mostly on intermediate lines. There is not much of a rise to speak of but on the whole fishing is good this season so far.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on fly hatch over the next week or so and will update asap
Martin McKenna
PRO Emy Anglers

After a busy morning, time for lunch