Kevin O’Boyle reports that bright sunshine last week deterred some anglers from fishing Lough Conn and Cullen but those who ventured out got some good results…


Aidan Barrett & Michael Dempsey from Fermanagh had 5 trout for 6 lbs all on claret and sooty olive dabblers.

Paul Caslin from Ross, Pontoon had 2 trout on dry olives best 2 lbs.


Patrick Parler France , also had a fine trout on a claret dabbler in Cloghans bay.

South Conn: Michael Noone from  laharadane, Ballina had 5 trout over 2 evenings on dabblers.

Daniel Ring and John Dempsey from Roscommon & Dublin had 6 trout and 4 trout respectively over 2 days all on traditional wets, best 2.5 lbs.

Adrian Murphy and sons Brendan & Cormac Cloghans , had 7 trout over few evenings on dabblers and wets.

John Walsh From Cloghans 3 trout best 2 lbs on wets.

Gary Binley Foxford had 5 trout best 1.5 lbs off the Brackwansha shore

Padraic Traynor From Crossmolina had 3 trout best 1.75 lbs all on dry duckfly patterns.